Find Harmony.
Reach Understanding.
Achieve Balance.

If you can measure it, you can manage it.

Harmony, Understanding & Balance

Introducing the first platform for collaborative planning, operational efficiencies & benchmarking in the insurance industry.

AgencyKPI began after its founders identified a big problem in the insurance industry. Currently, there is no business intelligence platform designed to address and manage the overabundance of data produced by the fragmented, legacy systems found across Networks, Agencies, Carriers and Wholesalers.

For Networks

Synchronizing & tuning the collective​

For Agencies

Informing your entrepreneurial intuition

For Carriers

Stability & management of relationships

Our Philosophy

How we're different

The problem was hiding in plain sight. No business intelligence platform existed to address and manage the overabundance of data produced by the fragmented, legacy systems found across the insurance industry. So we set out to conquer it.

However, our approach is the opposite of what you find from most “insurtech” companies. In a refreshing approach, we do not believe that “disruption” is the way forward.

Instead, we fundamentally believe that with new software solutions from AgencyKPI, Networks, Carriers and Agencies will be empowered to deepen their relationships through mutual understanding, and by harmonizing and balancing their collective efforts.

Deep Institutional Knowledge & Data Science

To make our unifying vision a reality, AgencyKPI is orchestrating an unparalleled combination of experienced industry leaders along with exceptional data scientists, software developers and business strategists.

Plus, our aim in integrating with the leading technology providers in the insurance industry is to leverage all of our collective, deep institutional knowledge and enable truly actionable data through the development of new reporting and data standards.

Actionable Data

With new, actionable data made possible by AgencyKPI, Networks, Independent Agencies and Carriers will find new approaches — and beneficial results — from Collaborative Planning, Operational Efficiencies, Benchmarking and Reporting.

Core value domains addressed

Collaborative Planning

Operational Efficiencies


Over 6 Billion in written premium on our platform

$6, 100 ,000,000
and growing
"Gut feeling and experience aren’t enough to make sound business decisions in today’s data driven world. AgencyKPI provides us with the platform to become a better resource for our agency and carrier partners. It’s a win for all stakeholders."
Brian Brusoski
Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence, Keystone Insurers Group


What our Partners have to say

“AgencyKPI has changed our decision-making processes. We now have a level of operational efficiency and accuracy we simply never had before when we generated reports from a disjointed assortment of spreadsheets, PDFs and other custom reports.  With AgencyKPI, we now have a faster way to get information, an easier ability to understand it, and then actually do something with it in a more efficient manner”
—A.J. Lovitt, CEO of Combined Agents of America

“The opportunity to better understand how we are performing with our carrier partners enables more meaningful dialog about how we can achieve our goals at a network and agency level,”
—Tiffany Bertonlini, Vice President of Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers

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